Are you a nature or horse lover? This spiritual awakening into natures finest is unlike any other.  Disconnect from the world with this fly in remote backcountry experience and immerse yourself in the nature of Valemount BC and the Rocky Mountains.

Earth & Oceans has partnered with one of Valemount’s legendary horse outfitters and owner of Snowfarmer’s guiding company to bring to you the best of the area.


This 4 or 6 day wilderness adventure is all done on horseback and helicopter. Heli into our remote destination where our heard of horses will be awaiting you. Ride a mountain pack horse through the wild backcountry above Valemount BC and up the Moose River around Mt. Robson area.  Our 30 year plus experienced horse guides will then take you deep into nature for a truly unforgettable life experience. Breathe the fresh mountain air, cross mountains and rivers, wake up every morning to the sunrise and gentle daily yoga. Our back country chef will prepare incredible nutritious cuisine all packed in by helicopters & horseback. This trip is not only a soulful, but a nourishing back country experience.  There really aren’t enough words to captivate the essence of detaching from our daily routine and fully embracing the wilderness and beauty this trips offers.

Join us for this one of a kind backcountry wilderness escape.

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