Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is taught in all of our camps. However, one must be 9 years or older to travel on the mentorship year-end surf trip. ( possible exceptions depending on your child’s level of surf)

Our goal is to keep the kids not only improving their surf skills and athletism but also, as a program where they have a mentor in and out of the water.   Our focus is to guide them, support them, inspire them, teach them the value of sports and health in their daily lives.

It’s a program in building self-confidence, overcoming fears, and competing with their own goals.
A surfing program that also focuses on the value of health,  nutrition, mind frame, overcoming fears, setting your own goals, and mostly being safe and mindful of others in the water.

Our goal is not just surfing. The mentorship program is about integrity, respect towards others in and out of the water. Which is a requirement for being in the program to continue to meet our yearly goal.

Once your child has reached a level of surf that they have intermediate skills, and we have seen their progression, we will set a yearly goal where we take them to a planned surf destination!

The goal in mind to keep them focused to train, improve, and reward them with a trip that they have achieved through all their efforts.

Kids fundraising throughout the year to reach their goals.

(8 kids max per trip)

3 night, 4-day Surf & Yoga Trip Santa Teresa!

5 night 6-day Surf & Yoga Trip to Pavones!


Positive communication & attitudes, helpfulness, good behaviour  kindness towards others, listening to their coaches.

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